Every website is built with a certain goal in mind, be it to get visitors to buy a product, consume content, sign up for a workshop, join mailing list, promote a service, provide a platform for advertising space or others.

The end goal is we want visitors to take action. This is why a Call To Action (CTA) is important element to integrate on a website. It could be as simple as an inline copy like “» Register for Profitable Marketing Forum Workshop with Martha & Ed” (you see how easy this is?) or an opt-in form to grow your database, an ‘add to cart’ button, and so on.

The challenge is this, though. 1, People have options. And 2, they are easily distracted.

No doubt there are others that offer similar services/products/information that you do and there is no shortage of these. In today’s digital world visitors can easily search for what they want and be presented with arrays of choices. To add to this, people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter. If your website doesn’t capture their attention’s enough for them to take the action you want, you have wasted an opportunity.

It’s been proven that the more time visitors spend on your website, the more likely they are to take the the next action, provided the website is done correctly. It is pretty logic, isn’t it. But how do we get more exposure time? What makes them stay longer? What captures their attention?

There are 5 ways (there are more than 5 but I’ll highlight a few here) which I have found help in driving engagement on your website.

1. Engaging, great quality content

This is a no brainer. A website with great quality content will not only engage the visitors to spend more time on the website, it’ll also convince them to come back and spread the words around. Repeat visitors are excellent. Every time they visit they get more exposure of your brand/products/services, which increases the opportunity for you to ‘sell’ to them.

Quality is more important than quantity. Don’t just produce content for the sake of providing content. Low quality or out of date content could be harmful to your branding. Think of content you would like to consume if you were in your visitors’ shoes. “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM) approach is a good starting point for topics to produce on.

Content could come in a variety of formats such as copy (text), image, illustrations, info graphics, videos, audio, pdf downloads, diagrams and so on.

2. User friendly

Easy to navigate

Think about times when you were in a website trying to find an information that you know was there but just couldn’t find it!

A great website will have, for example, internal links, breadcrumbs, menu tabs available with the visitors in mind that takes them easily from one to the next, without them feeling confused or overwhelmed with information. Especially when the site has complex and huge of information such as a News/Portal site. Navigation is crucial and it could be a breakpoint where you retain or lose the audience.

Easy to read

Website content needs to be easy both legible and readable. They are similar but not exactly the same.

Legible – being clear enough to read. This is about the presentation, the website Typography, choosing the right font type, font size, font colour, spacing between lines and between words, background colour and so on. You should leave the task to a professional web designer who knows what they are doing.

Readable  easily read and understood. This is about the content, smooth transition of ideas and the style of writing.

As an example, a dark grey sentence against a dark background is illegible. If it’s nicely designed but all the grammar and punctuation are all wrong, that is unreadable. Both aren’t appealing to visitors and can cause them to exit your site sooner that you want them to.

There are considerations to make your website content search engine friendly, but remember it’s us humans that read them. When strategically planned and crafted, it’ll be both pleasing for visitors to consume and be found easily by major search engines.

3. Opt-in feature

You will use opt-in boxes to collect email addresses and regularly communicate with them. This gives you a platform to announce any business news and allow engagements from visitors which can be brought back to your website. If your website is using Mailchimp and WordPress you can use Mailchimp for WordPress plug in for an easy integration between those two platforms.

Optin pop up sample

Disclaimer: Some links displayed here are Affiliates link, which means I will get a rewarded from the vendors if you sign up using my link.

4. Internal links

The World Wide Web (WWW) is made of interlinked web pages, hence the term ‘Inter-net’. It’s the link between pages that makes Internet information so much valuable to visitors as they can access practically any amount of information by browsing from page to page.

By having your web pages ‘linked’ together you’re giving visitors the opportunity to consume your content easily, thus creating a smooth experience. You could achieve this by using inline links such as the one mentioned at the beginning of this article. Contact our team at Trusted Web Expert if you want to improve your website converstion (This is an inline link. It is easy, isn’t it?)

5. Fast loading website

The four points above would not work if your website is not loading fast enough. It increases frustration and kills the engagement no matter how great your content is or how good your website looks.

  • Make sure you get a web designer who knows how to code correctly
  • If it’s a WordPress website, minimise the amount of plug-ins use and only install necessary plug ins
  • Update your website regularly for latest updates
  • Install Google Analytics to get a clear reading on the statistic instead of making decisions based on a ‘guessing’ game.
  • Optimise the images. Wrong image format will contribute to an unnecessary larger file size.
  • If using videos/audios, host them in a fast streaming server.
  • Use a reliable/fast web host
  • Plan your website for optimised mobile viewing. That is, remove non-important elements from a mobile version such as slider images, background image

I hope this post is useful and thank you for reading.

If you’re looking for ways to optimise your website and increase conversion please contact Trusted Web Expert team for a non-obligation consultation. This will give you an opportunity to find out how you can leverage your current website and online presence and take it to the next level.