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Edward Zia

Excellence Above

Edward Zia (The Crazy Persian) from Excellence Above loves Helping Small Businesses Get More Clients. We are Small Business Marketing Experts that work night and day for our clients helping with Hardcore Marketing, Powerful Sales Tactics, Business Strategies & Direction, Accountability & Focus and keeping up to date with the Latest Trends in Industry Thinking.

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Khadine Aharon

Embrace Empowerment

Khadine is an energetic healer, trainer and speaker.

She provides energetic psychology and healings, self-development/healing groups, trainings and presentations. Khadine aims to support and inspire people to connect deeply with themselves and create the lives they truly desire.

Khadine offers her trainings and presentations to businesses for staff training, development and team building.

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Metamosaic logo

Drina Ng


Metamosaic is a creative visualization company that specialize in creating 3D experience strategy and visual marketing content to help businesses of all sizes to promote their brands and services/products in the most innovative and viable manner. The means in achieving this end lies in our highly proficient and multi-disciplinary team who merge creative thinking, information and visualisation technology to deliver state-of-the-art experiences via hyper realistic 3D rendering, animated video, interactive 3D & augmented reality stereoscopic visualisation, as well as other CGI formats.

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