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Your website is often the first impression that prospects have on you.

A website that is not up-to-date will not just reflect bad on your business but it’s also incongruent of what you are offering. The ‘perceived’ value (what viewers are perceiving) vs the ‘real’ value (the unique value that you’re offering) are not in match and you’re wondering why the website doesn’t help you ‘sell’.

Often the problem is, the business owner is occupied running and growing the business, and the website is left behind.

We have a solution for you

Let us take the pressure off you with your websites!

We want you to invest your time in what you do best, running and growing the business, so let us help you in driving your business forward by taking the website loads off your day. Hire our developers and let us do the rest.

You can hire our Team to work on design or website development, for any coding related tasks.

We have multiple Website Development Prepaid Packs to suit your needs. The credit you purchased is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used on multiple projects that you own.

We are WordPress specialists. If you have any WordPress related tasks, please contact us and we’ll sure we can help you. If it’s something we don’t do, we’ll recommend you to one of our partners that does.

Enquiry of us if any further questions here.

Website troubleshooting

Focus on your customers and let us do the job of fixing your website. We can work on simple or complex problems such as page alignments and technical errors.


  • WordPress logins
  • Web host logins
  • Description of error
  • Last update made before error

Logo Design

Our awesome designers can help design a logo from scratch or improve the one that you already have. Just let us know what you envision and we will create one for you.Requirements:

  • Design brief to be completed which provides us with a description of how you’d like your logo to look

MailChimp Setup

If you have MailChimp account, or if you would like us to set one up for you, we can help you with account creation, database import, template creation and the build of your first newsletter including integration with your web site.


  • MailChimp logins (or Admin Access to MailChimp account)
  • Webhost login (if website integration is required)
  • WordPress login (if website integration is required)
  • Your database in xls or csv format

LeadPages Setup

If you have a LeadPages account we can help you set up it up from scratch or improve your existing page. We can also integrate your autoresponder such as MailChimp, Aweber or Infusionsoft.


  • WordPress logins
  • Webhost logins
  • Leadpages logins
  • Optin code from your autoresponder
  • Website content

Website Content Population

Adding content to your website and make it display properly is not always as easy as copying and pasting your content. It also involves neat HTML coding and media optimization so your page looks nice and loads fast. Save time and let us help you add in your content for an hourly rate.


  • Content Management System logins
  • Content – Text, images, videos, audios, PDF etc.

Website Migration

If you need to move your website we can help you transfer your files from server to server and make sure that your website is working properly in it’s new environment.


  • WordPress logins
  • Webhost logins of source and destination

Optin Form Design

Leading Autoresponders have ready made designs but may not fit your website branding and design. We can help you code your Optin (sign up) forms so it is aligned with your website look and feel.


  • WordPress logins
  • Webhost logins
  • Optin form HTML code

Payment Terms

If you change your mind after proceeding with the payment, our pre-paid packs are non-refundable. We will, however, consider a part-refund (up to 80% maximum on payment made) on per-case basis if you have a strong reason for cancellation. This must be provided with strong proofs and evidence of the project involved.

Choose your pack:

10% GST will be added

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